Do I even have to explain why my boyfriend is so proposal-ready after this? Our vacation together: Day 3.

I won’t because I still feel a little young.

  • I have a poultry allergy, which I discovered very recently after having a ton of horrible allergy attacks. They hide it in too many foods, it’s difficult to actually be a vegetarian when they hide them like that, but whatever. My boyfriend does not and he is a meat eater. We are both trying to lose weight, so I pre-made a bunch of meals that we can eat instead of going out to restaurants. I made him chicken today, which is no big deal. He starts eating it and goes to kiss me. I kind of push him back a bit and tell him to swallow first. Then he freaks out in the most caring way possible. He asks me if I’m, okay about 50 times, insists on brushing his teeth for 15 minutes, and cleans the entire kitchen in case some of the chicken “can’t be seen” to keep me from accidentally eating some.  
  • My back and nether regions hurt a little after sex. Come on, we’re adults and can talk about such subjects with maturity. It’s no big deal, just a little pain from positioning. He walked me to the couch, put a blanket over me, and brought me water. Then he checked on me several times and kept apologizing for “hurting me,” which is quite sweet considering he did nothing wrong. He looked so sorry and so concerned. 
  • I had my mind set on going to this place. It’s like a little Stepford Wife-esque town with a square and cute little shops. But, it is very cold outside— too cold. But, he got dressed and went anyway. He could tell I was excited. When we got there most of the shops were closed, it was 30 degrees outside, nobody was around, and it got dark very quickly. He didn’t complain, he just held my hand and kissed my nose whenever it got cold. 
  • We went to a cute little candy shop, one of the only stores open. He bought me a rather overpriced dessert because he could tell I wanted it. It was $3.89. I gave him a hug and slid a five dollar bill in his pocket while I pretended to put the car keys in there. I was hoping that he would find it and think it was his. I just feel so bad when he spends money like that on me, he works so hard for it. When we got back, he kissed me very hard, slipped the money into my hand and said “don’t ever think you’re not worth the money, because you are and I love you so much.” 
  • There is a wonderful bathtub in this hotel. Like, damn. It has jets and massage pads— the whole shebang. It faces the bedroom, and there is no wall so he can see me reading while the water blurs in bubbles. I start to get up to refill my glass of water (in a scotch glass, because that’s the way I roll) and he jumps up and tells me to relax. Then, he grabs my glass and fills it for me, gives me a kiss, and tells me he loves me. 

I’m one lucky lady is all I can say.